Why in the world…

I’m not going to say I’m a blogger… not yet anyway.

You see, I have technically been “blogging” for 5 years now. I use the term loosely because posts have always been few and far between. As I travel around the world, I get great new pictures and stories to share… and on occasion I’ve shared them.

Recently I’ve tried to increase the regularity of my wanna-be-blogs. Pair the need for consistency with a word from God about vulnerability, then throw some passion to learn and create something new… and you get this.

A World of Musick.

If you happened to stumble onto this blog, you’re already thinking something’s off.

“Um, excuse me, but there’s no ‘K’ in the word music.

My name is Ashley Musick.  Would you believe that I’ve coined a personal slogan: “Regular Music: Special K!”  Yeah, I’m not sure what I’ll do when I have to change my last name. I kind of want to meet somebody whose last name is “Country” or “Rap” or “Blues”… then hyphenate my new last name.

Country Musick… Rap Musick… Blues Musick. That’s funny.

Then we can say, “You’re invited to the ‘Rap-Musick’ wedding.”

I’m still trying to figure out the direction, purpose, vision, flow, and whatever’s of this blog.  One thing is certain: I’m pretty sure that if you’re looking for information on music (no special k), then you’ll probably need to look elsewhere. More than likely, you won’t find blogs on some obscure up-and-coming new band. If it’s not on the radio, I probably don’t know about it.

Like I said, I’m not quite sure what I’ll be writing about here. That pretty much goes against everything I’ve researched about proper blogging. Guess I’ll continue to use the air quotes… I’m kind-of-sort-of “blogging.”

Based on the nature of my life and experiences, I’m sure you’ll find some information about missions, traveling, cultures, God, discipleship, crazy Holy Spirit stuff, leading, personal-growth, books, new gadgets, weight-loss, tv and movies, and fun random knowledge facts.

Maybe through this trial and error period something more concrete will emerge. Perhaps when I find out what I like to write about I can focus on writing about those things. Until then, it’s just like the Jeopardy category, “Potpourri.” Anything could be in there!

So thanks for visiting this time. Keep coming around. It’s a great big world out there and I hope to share, chat, and discover it with you.


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