From 1 Pound to the Next

There’s something I’ve been wanting to share for a while.

I’m losing weight!

*insert round of applause, cheering, and/or encouraging words of affirmation*

Last fall I started trying to eat healthier, work-out more, and shed the excess pounds. With some incredible support from my friends and family, it’s all paying off. Before the month is over, I hope to meet one of my bigger goals: My weight will finally start with the number 1.

It’s been a slow process for me. While at times frustrating, I believe that the slower pace is actually the best thing. I’m not just changing the number on the scale, I’m figuring out and ingraining healthy habits into my lifestyle. Nothing about my plan is a quick-fix. This is more than getting into a smaller size bathing suit for the summer (though that’s definitely happening!). After 7 months of this, I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds.

That’s 1 pound per week on average.

Like I said, slow…. But it’s fine because “all good things are upstream.” Every day, every choice, every bite gets me just a little closer to my goals. Not to long ago, before I started this blog, I wrote about this topic on my World Race blog. I remember the evening I wrote it very clearly. It was the night before a weigh-in at one of my Weight Watchers meetings, and I absolutely believed that the next day I was going to reach a milestone… lose 10% of my starting weight. If you want to read that blog, feel free. But I’ll say it honestly here, I doubt I would have had that rare moment of vulnerability if I didn’t believe that I was absolutely going to reach my goal the next morning.

Weight Watchers

Did you notice there were no follow-up posts about that day? That’s because I didn’t hit my goal the next morning. Actually, I ended up gaining a little and it took two more weeks to hit that dang goal.

My own blog about courage, failing forward, and staying the course… I had to eat those words for 2 more weeks. Naturally as I near my next goal of dropping out of the 200’s for good, I’m thinking about that incident. This blog is written with a bit more humility and understanding.

I’m learning so much through this process. I’m learning about eating healthy, being physically fit, and tons about myself. Do you know why Jillian and Bob have to operate as counselors on The Biggest Loser? It’s because it’s absolutely true that as you peel away the layers and pounds, you uncover some big presuppositions about your identity and your past.

Without the fears and lies I’ve always had, I’m finally allowing myself to be me.

I want to share more about my process, plans, failures, and successes on this blog. There’s still a long journey ahead and some milestones, goals, and accomplishments along the way. Here’s a little list of what you can expect to read more about:

  • Weight Watchers and how their program is helping me so much.
  • Working out with Ava… I could write an entire blog themed to her killer workouts.
  • Identity and Physical Appearance
  • Fun recipes… like the Hot Apple Stir-fry and Vanilla Ice cream I made on Tuesday night.
  • The importance of having buddies help you out.
  • Shopping… and why it’s so much more fun now.
  • Setting goals, being disciplined, and how hard work pays off.
  • The 13.1 Atlanta Half-Marathon and all the training leading up to it.

Yep. You read the last part right… I’m posting this blog and then going to sign up for a half-marathon. I’ve never ran a 5k and currently can’t run an entire mile without stopping. This could be a hilarious set of blogs.

Atlanta 13.1 Half-Marathon

I’m excited to share what I’ve learned. Do you have any ideas or requests on this particular topic? What do you want to hear about?


39 thoughts on “From 1 Pound to the Next

  1. GIRL!!! You are AWESOME! I had no idea you were doing this. GO YOU! I think we could ALL learn a lesson from this about making healthier life decisions. I know I have got to get into a good workout routine if I am going to improve my health and set good examples for our children someday.

    SUPER proud of you and inspired by you!

  2. Inspired and motivated, but for all the right reasons. One of your greatest gifts is your gifting of influence. The more you speak and write on pretty much anything, the greater potential for you to point people toward their purpose. I also love that I am considered a friend in your eyes.

    • subscribe to email updates. . . i now have your RSS feed coming into my google reader. : )

      Thanks for these kind words friend, because indeed you are a friend!

  3. All i have to say is HELL YEAH! Girl, you are such an inspiration and such a joy! I am so excited to see you walk through this! The whole weight loss thing….is definitely spiritual! You got it girl!! I can not wait to run the 1/2 with you! …haha or behind you! You got it!

  4. AshhhhhhhLeeeeeeeeeeeeeey .. I’m so proud of you & can’t wait to see you in a few weeks .. Looking forward to your next blog .. xoxoxo PattiMom

  5. Ashley, this is so great! I struggle a lot with instant gratification and definitely tried to get rid of my world race weight gain INSTANTLY. [Obviously, that didn’t work.] I’m really learning that slow and steady wins it… no matter how impatient I am, it never pays off to give up.
    SO PROUD OF YOU! Just keep doing the things you know are good for you… and the half marathon… WOW! It takes a special kind of person to sign up for that torture.

  6. Get it girl. And I’m telling you – find a zumba class. I know how much you like to shake it. 😉

    So proud and glad you’re sharing this journey with us. Gives me encouragement. Love you!!!

    • Thanks Michelle… There’s some zumba classes at the Aquatic Center where I work out. We’ll see… I do like to shake it. I miss you much and hope to see you sometime soon.

  7. I am sooooo happy to read this tonight! So proud of you, even though I don’t know ya- I feel your pain in the struggle for ‘loss’. So glad I found you- via a simular catagorization tab… I will stay tuned and pray for your success!!! Keep at it- excited to hear about the 5K- amazing! You CAN do it!!! =)

  8. So proud of you — You are just blossoming into more of yourself all the time and I love getting to see it!!

  9. Super glad to call you friend! It is so awesome to watch you go through this and I can’t wait to see how you grow through the whole process. I’m running in that 1/2 too so maybe some more early mornings are in store for us soon! Love you 🙂

  10. so freaking proud of you! ww helped me a ton back in 2006. i lost 50 lbs and i have now run 3 halfs. i hope that encourages you. i couldn’t run a mile either. i love you and am praying for you!

    • Thanks Liz! That is encouraging… especially after the short little run I did yesterday that left me entirely winded! aghhh…. what have I done!?!?! haha, it’s good.

  11. Ashley! you beautiful beautiful woman! i am so encouraged and inspired by you. you look freaking amazing! keep it up. thanks for being such a light. im excited to read more about this adventure. i know that weight has always been such an up and down issue with me and youre absolutely spot on.. slow and steady… way to do it! sooooo proud of you! thanks for being open! 😉

  12. ohhh GET IT GIRL! I am so proud of you! This is exciting, while at the same time, such hard work– You seemed focused and driven, esp with goal setting, I’m learning how to do this in every area of my life.
    You will reach your target weight and redemption will take place! Love you!

  13. Ashley Musick you are simply amazing. I’m so proud of you and that you are putting as much effort into ensuring that you are healthy as you do in taking care of others. I love you girl and I’ll be cheering you on from across the pond. Miss you lots!!

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