And this is how you end poverty… watch.

I came across a link to this video today and casually watched it. I mean, the title was catchy… and it’s something I believe can happen. We talk about our generation changing the world, not just waiting for it to change (sorry John Mayer). If you’re needing a little bit of optimism from the Church or if you want a call to action that doesn’t beg and plead with you to give and do, then this is for you.

Not going to lie, I’m a little tired of our begging and pleading for people to do something. I don’t think it works most of the time because I don’t think most people believe it’s making that big of a difference. Well it is making a difference, it’s actually changing everything. Forget the whole starfish mantra… “it means a lot to this one little guy,”  this is real, huge, all-across-the-board kind of change.

Seriously, this got me hyped up a bit. Don’t miss it. This is the kind of power we need to wake up and realize we have… and then we need to use it.

I’ve included two versions: This first one is the shorter one. You get the point. The second one is the longer one. You’ll get the MESSAGE.

PS – I originally found the link on John Acuff’s blog, Stuff Christians Like. I feel he needs a shout out for sharing it first. Thanks!


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