One-Der-Land : noun. 1. The elusive state of being in which someone weighs anywhere from 100 pound to 199.9 pounds.

That’s right folks. I finally found one-der-land. It’s taken over a month to lose one dang ounce. I’m not kidding. One ounce. When I went to my meetings to be weighed in, they kept asking me if I could go to the bathroom and weigh in again. Sheesh.

Now I’m not too upset. Though it’s been frustrating because I was just so close to this goal, I’m actually proud of myself for maintaining my weight for the past month.  I endured two training camps and a trip to Africa. *Yes, I’m patting myself on the back.

I’m finally officially residing in one-der-land now and it’s great. To be honest, I don’t even remember the last time this was a true statement. (Notice how I put the word “true” in there… I do believe I’ve made the statement, this just happens to be the first time it’s been true.) It’s kind of funny to have lost a few ounces and throw my hands up in complete celebration. Realistically there is very little difference in my body today as opposed to yesterday.

Even though my body has changed very little in the past 24 hours, I can feel a shift in my mind and in my emotions. Honestly, I was getting tired. The wave of joy and success from meeting my last goal had dwindled down. At some point the “new” thing in your life becomes the “old” thing. This whole journey to lose weight has been going on for almost 11 months now.  What was once exciting and new and fresh and invigorating has become normal, mundane, old, and regular. Not only can I feel the level of excitement for what was a big, crazy, life-change sweeping away, I can tell I’ve worn others out too. Seriously, it’s the big thing in my life so it’s a big part of what I have to offer to conversations. I’m sure it’s annoying sometimes.

Meeting my goal today was good because it gave me a boost. There in my little book was proof that progress, be it ever so slow, is actually happening. Even though it was just a few ounces, and those ounces are just like all the others ones I’ve lost and left behind, the significance of crossing a threshold I hadn’t been able to break was rejuvenating. I feel a bit stronger mentally to keep going and fight the next battle… to get to 185 pounds.

Ultimately, I think I am starting to realize the length of this journey. The entire goal was to change my lifestyle, not just the number of the scale, but it’s just that… a style for your life, your whole life, every single day. There are no breaks without consequences. There’s no progress without purpose and determination. The newness of all of this is wearing off, so I’m left with the question of how do I keep the focus I need to really do this for the rest of my life?

All I know is that I’ve made the decision that I’m worth it. I’m worth whatever it takes to get up in the morning and run 3 miles. I’m worth whatever it takes to walk past those sweet smelling cinnamon rolls at the coffee shop. I’m worth whatever amount of time it takes.

My friends are all so very supportive and encouraging. Even though all I talk about is points, recipes, and Ava workouts, they are still there to cheer me on. I’ve come this far because of all of their words and support.

So, as I ride the next wave of ambition on this one, I’m searching and praying for creative ways to keep these waves coming. Do you have any helpful or creative strategies for staying motivated?


6 thoughts on “One-Der-Land

  1. Ashley, I am so proud of you! I really admire the discipline and commitment you’ve shown through this process! One of my co-workers recently broke into one-der-land (she’s lost over 120 lbs) and she has commemorated her progress with monthly photo sessions, nothing fancy, just a visual record of her progress. Personally, though, I think you ought to celebrate your next milestone with a celebratory trip to Sacramento! Just sayin’…

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