Thoughts for a Reflective Wednesday

I do all my thinking in my head.

Okay, I get that you’re probably thinking, “Well so do I genius.” Seriously though, I don’t really do the whole verbal processing thing. Most of my processing happens in my head. You’ll hear about it when I’ve reached some kind of higher level of organization or even drawn a conclusion.

I’m also an extrovert. I get energized being around other people.

I think it’s an odd mix to be an extrovert and an internal processor. Most of my extroverted friends are BIG verbal processors.

There are some big repercussions to having this kind of special personality.  Think about it… I need to be around people to have energy, but I can’t process around people because I need to be alone. Therefore I don’t process all the goings-on in my life.

Most of my friends have shelves of journals. I have one journal… the same one for the last 4 years. It’s only half-full. The reason is two-fold. 1) I don’t journal often because I’d just rather think about it (cause it’s faster) than get it on paper and 2) I’m to busy hanging out with people to journal in the first place!

So what usually ends up happening is that I’m just truckin’ along, having a good time with friends and family, and then BAM! It’s time to stop and think. That’s about what happened this Wednesday morning. My brain seems to be all over the place… in a good way.

If I were to verbally process and/or journal I’d probably be gushing about how awesome life is and how thankful I am for just about everything.

I’d talk about how my life is full of people of who are absolutely amazing. They encourage me to be better, go deeper, and give back generously. There’s all kinds of awesome people that have been in my life for a good while now, and then there’s all these fabulous new people that join us in the journey every day. I seriously don’t have a problem making new friends (that might be why I got the Alumni Coordinator job), and there’s been so many good new friends that I’ve crossed paths with lately.

I’d probably mention how amazing God is to reassure us of His promises, his timing, and his goodness. There would be this whole explanation of how I’ve gotten so many words about this season and the CELEBRATION and GOODNESS that surrounds it, even in the midst of transition.

Then there’s transition to talk about. We always come back around and go through transition. To get from one place to another we have to transition. I’ve had those awkward transitions, those slightly “terrified-of-the-unknown” kind of transitions, and then those sweet ones filled with joy.

There are people around every corner in which I get to rejoice and celebrate all that’s happening their lives. People like my dearest friend and roommate, Kayla Phillips. She’s getting hitched this fall. (We talked about good transitions, but it’s transition none-the-less). There’s a good chance that if you’re in my circle of friends you’re getting married or having babies. So good. So much to celebrate.

Me and Baby Zeke!

I’ll have to bring up the whole idea of confirmation and calling. Figuring out some of this has brought a lot of peace. When there isn’t the distraction of wondering what’s next, you can rest a lot better where you are.

You’ve already heard about how I’m skinnier than ever. Who doesn’t want to celebrate that!? Problem is that I still want to celebrate with ice-cream and Chick-fil-A. I’m loving the journey this has been… let’s face it, it’s more about identity than anything else.

Speaking of identity – I’ve totally stared down some old demons lately, and come up finding how truly powerless they are in my life now. I uproariously laugh when I hear lie from the devil. Sure… the devil is out to bring me down, but he’s got no HOLD in those areas of my life anymore. I saw it… it’s like I literally saw the enemy try and throw that stuff back at me. I was like, “What? you don’t think I know what that is? You better get some new tricks buddy.”

Finally, I’m just so happy to be a part of a movement where I see real, lasting fruit. We are talking about radically changed lives, communities, and nations. It’s not about being “right”, but I’ve never felt more right being in the right place at the right time.

I suppose I just needed to get all that out. But like I said… I already had it all figured out mostly… you know, in between hanging out with all my awesome friends.

What’s happening with you? What’s the biggest thing you’re processing… either verbally or internally?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts for a Reflective Wednesday

  1. Hi Ashley! Just wanted to say hi and that I enjoyed reading your thoughts today, especially the part about he distraction of wondering what’s next. That’s where we’ve been for the last many months and it’s getting very tiring! So it helped me just to identify that as well as the need to get some “rest” in trusting the Lord in the midst of not knowing what’s next. Thanks for that! Hope all is well with you – and it sounds like it’s great. : )

    • Aww, Thanks Sarah! It’s good to catch up and see your blog as well. I hear Texas is pretty dang hot these days. Life is obviously good in GA, and I hope the Lord brings some peace in the waiting for you guys. He’s just as good in the waiting as He is in fulfilling the promises. Love you much!

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