I Don’t Think I’d Survive…

If I had to chose between sending my kids to school, feeding them, vaccinating them, paying off bribes, and getting life-saving medical attention… well I just don’t think I’d have a clue what to do. I don’t think I’d survive.

As a matter of fact, I know I wouldn’t survive. Could you?

Live58, and organization who is fighting to end global poverty has started a new campaign called, Survive125. The campaign includes a simulation where you try and survive the realities of life for 1.3 billion people in the world. 26% of the world’s population live off $1.25 a day… or less. As you begin the simulation, you are given your wages for one month and asked to make choices that affect you and your family based on your meager income. It took me 5 tries to make it through one month.

Weaved throughout the story of one Indian woman’s life are little sparks of hope. Just as you spend your last 50 rupees on vaccinating your daughter, a notification pops up to tell you that Living Water International has built a well in your town and you no longer have to take time off work to travel and fetch water from the next village. Just as you start to second guess whether you should have spent 500 rupees on your son’s school uniform, you find out that Compassion International has found a sponsor for your children and you’ll be reimbursed.

Live58 is using this simulation to not only bring about an awareness of life for those living in extreme poverty, they are showing you how you can get involved in practical ways to help end these realities. I love what they are doing and find this to be a very creative way to peek into some of the hard decisions I’ve never had to imagine, let alone make.

Kids in Kibera Slums – Photo by Ashley Musick

Take a minute to see if you can survive on a $1.25 a day. Just click here. Let me know what was the most difficult decision for you. Did you make it through the month? What do you think about this scenario and how do you want to help bring hope to these people?


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Think I’d Survive…

  1. wow. being in india right now makes this scenario all the more real. thanks for sharing it. hardest one for me (and the one that caused me to run out the first time through) was the HIV testing one. i know the stigma associated with it and the cost of testing and all that, but i still wanted to know.

  2. Well I couldn’t go beyond the 14th day. It is disheartening how we take things for granted when you have provisions to take you through the month smoothly. After doing this, I have a better feel of what it means when a day comes and you can’t meet the needs of those under your care. We need to ask the Lord to convict each one of us especially if you have something that it will be a joy to share with others and make their lives better.

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