I Finally Finished My Race

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” – Forrest Gump.

Well Forrest, if life is like a box of chocolates, then I got the best piece: dark chocolate and filled with a chocolaty, ooey-gooey, creamy center.  My life, and especially my twenties, can only be described as EPIC.

I have “nerd” tendencies. One of these is the fact that I keep a running list of every flight I’ve taken, every country I’ve visited, and every language I’ve heard spoken.

Here are 10 nerdy facts about the time I’ve spent with Adventures in Missions:

  1.  I’ve taken 129 separate flights.
  2. I have traveled a total of 381,105 miles… enough to circle the globe 15.3 times.
  3. That’s the same distance as traveling to the moon 1.7 times.
  4.  I’ve tried to communicate with people across at least 28 different language barriers.
  5.  I’ve seen over 1,600 World Racers launched into the field.
  6.  I’ve been a part of 39 WR Squads’ journey to circle the globe.
  7.  I got to attend 3 launches on the field.
  8.  I’ve been to 15 different 8-month re-entry debriefs on the field.
  9.  We can’t forget about the 17 WR training camps.
  10.  Along the way I stopped at 24 UNSECO World Heritage Sites.

I say all of this because it’s time to celebrate. Tomorrow is my last day in the office at Adventures in Missions.

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For the past 5 years I’ve worked to help build a program that has transformed lives and shared hope, grace, and love to nations around the world. I remember the days when there were only a few of us… Laura, Casey, Jimmy… pounding away on the keyboards, making Skype calls to countries far away, and generally trying to figure out how this thing worked.

I’ve made the best of friends along the way and have been blessed to live and work alongside people with great character and commitment. Over these past 5 years I’ve transformed from a fearful, rejected, people-pleasing, performance-based, religious recognition junkie. I can actually mark the moments of transformation…

…Being freed from performance and people pleasing at G-Squads training camp around a big campfire.

…Stepping into confidence and dependence while squad leading H Squad and especially after debrief in the Dominican Republic.

…Trading right and wrong for life and death at the Awakening in Ireland and realizing God’s love in a way I never imagined was possible.

…Literally bursting at the seams to release fear and rejection in the most guttural of sounds during a session with Jonathan and Melissa Helser at the Stirred Conference.

…Diving into the prophetic with L Squad at their 8-month debrief.

…Watching a girl get healed as I laid hands on her and prayed for her at training camp just last week.

I have a good memory, but these moments stand out.

So while I celebrate everything that has been… the good, the bad, the ugly, the dirty, the difficult, the miraculous, the mysterious… I look to what will be.

Life has gotten a little too comfortable here. The Lord has been clear that the next season is about stepping into even more confidence as a daughter, walking out these transformations, and finding a unique contribution to the Kingdom. As I look for a new job and begin dreaming about life ahead I release even more fears and dare to believe even more of myself. I’ll have to depend and trust in who He is even if I’m not sure what He’s doing.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the promises are still true, He is still good, and surely the best is yet to come. I refuse to believe that the best days are behind me and I look forward to all that’s ahead. I can only imagine the depths the Lord has yet to take me to in his love and his power.

After 8 years at AIM… a Real Life trip, leading an Ambassador trip, the first World Race, and 5 years on staff…. I’ve finally finished my race.

So here’s to the best 20’s a girl could ever ask for… clink… and to all the promises yet to be fulfilled.

 (also… feel free to send me emails regarding job openings at really awesome places… especially in ATL.)

32 thoughts on “I Finally Finished My Race

  1. This makes me laugh, cry, and celebrate all at the same time. I have only one thing left to say………in a South African beautiful accent: “It’s a RACE!”

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I cannot WAIT to see ALL that God has in store for you!! I’ve loved my interactions with you and you have touched SO MANY LIVES!! Be proud. Be bold. Be alert….He’s got so, so, so, so much left to give you and to ask of you. Love you!!! Lindsey- M squad

  3. You are the stuff legends are made of. The WR would not be what it is today without you – your mark is forever on that beautiful beast of a program. So, so, so proud of who you are. The things you have chosen to walk out of are huge – the things you are stepping into are bigger than you can even imagine. Love you so mucho!

  4. So glad that I got to be even a SMALL piece of this journey. You are incredible, and your legacy will absolutely live on. Love you and so excited to see what’s next!

  5. I’m so glad to know you, Ashley Musick…..I still recall, even after all this time, your interview for RL….and how we laughed. I’m so proud of what God has done in and through you……May He bless you in the new chapter that is beginning, the new season……So glad I got to play a small part and tremendously blessed to know you! Love you, love you, love you and sending you a huge ol’ hug from up here in NW PA!

  6. Oh, friend. For a second, I wondered if you referred to the July 2012 G squad. What a legacy you’ve left. You walked me onto my World Race almost five years ago… and now. Wow. Love you dearly and so excited for what’s ahead of you!

  7. Thank you for everything you’ve done for all the squads and the people whose lives you’ve touched in your 8 years with AIM. My life is one that was transformed, in part, by you. I am so excited for all the work the Lord has done in you, and the path He will lead you down in the future. Go be the amazing woman of God that you are meant to be!

  8. Ashley! I am astounded by your commitment and faithfulness at AIM. You have done so much to further the Kingdom. And it is great to also see how faithful God is to grow you soooo much. I am excited for your future and what God holds for you. I know you will being great fruit in your own lives and the lives of others wherever you go, more than you already have. Imagine that! That ATL hint……hummm I live in the ATL…….come come!

  9. Oh man – I love you! My experience on the Race was richer and WAY more fun because of you! We were instant friends and I know we will be life long friends. And, I would never have moved to Gainesville if it had not been for you. I was honored to be your “Assistant” on and off the field! My life is better and I know who I am so much more because of having you in it. I love you so so much and will likely never watch Coal Miner’s Daughter again without thinking of you. You are the Best!!

  10. Ashley you were, are now and will be awesome. Thanks for helping to advance the kingdom. I am excited for the journey ahead.

  11. I have goosebumps. This is lovely and wonderful and terrifying. He’s got you, cheers to a season well done and to the exciting beginning of the next! 🙂

  12. Ashley- I remember our 1st conversation before I was accepted for the WR and how you found a connection with us during my interview. YOU are amazing and God is continuing to make you more awesome every day. Thank you for pouring SO much into me and into SO MANY others lives. You have created lots and lots of ripples in this world and I can’t wait to see the next big ripple God has planned for you. Love you love you love you!

  13. I remember the joy it was to work beside you training for our Ambassador trips. You are just one giant smile in my mind – and I can’t wait to hear about your next adventure!

  14. i remember that day under the tent when i was crying about my team. and that day in thailand at the pizza company. thank you for loving me and believing in me. parts of my own journey have been so impacted by you. thanks for what you’ve done. i’m proud of who you are!! love you!

  15. Hey beautiful. I clearly recall the day when we were sitting side by side in the Borgs’ basement apartment looking through your WR pictures. You are a phenomenal story teller…but more importantly your role in the ultimate story is so rich! You have brought to many joy and freedom! Thank you for your faithfulness to the Author and Creator. I look forward to following the next chapter of the Ashley Musick bestseller. This most certainly not the end…but the cliffhanger.

    I love you and will miss awkward hugs…smashing your face into my, well, chest. Yup! I will.

  16. What a journey. You were a huge catalyst to the Lord breaking through into my world on the race. I know of at least 51 other people that can say that same thing. On to the next thing…get it!

  17. Love this and I firmly believe the best years are coming your way! It was great sitting next to you for a day! Remember when you came to final debrief in Thailand for I-Squad and let me perform my song and dance routine for you? That made me feel so loved. Thank you for that!

  18. ashley! You have sewn into SO many generations of WR’ers. Your love and influence will affect their families and the people they will squad lead, and the kids that they will have, their friends, etc, etc, etc. I am so glad V squad was one of your many 8 month debriefs and that I was able to spend just a few moments with you. You’ve done an AMAZING Job connecting us WR alum, 🙂 So excited for what is to come for you!

  19. Ashley, this is BEAUTIFUL! You have done more in your 20’s for the Kingdom than most people do in their entire lives. Seriously! 129 separate flights, 381,105 miles,
    28 different language barriers, 1,600 World Racers launched into the field, a part of 39 WR Squads’ journey to circle the globe, attend 3 launches on the field, 15 different 8-month re-entry debriefs on the field, 17 WR training camps, I stopped at 24 UNSECO World Heritage Sites.

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Well Done Faithful One! You have ran one heck of a race! I am SO PROUD of you! You have definitely made an impact on thousands of lives! I know there are MANY that are eternally grateful for you and all that you have done, me being one of those!

    God gave me a gift in October 2008. He gave me another daughter and a friend! I love you and love doing life with you! I am so excited to see what God has for you in this next season! I’m believing it will be another great adventure and roller coaster ride so, HOLD ON! ENJOY! EMBRACE THE NEXT SEASON, JOURNEY AND RACE!

    Love you so much! xoxo

  20. Wow. Ashley, what an amazing journey and an amazing life in you. God has given so many of as a treat in you! I have so many great memories with you, they ALL bring a smile to my face. You truly have been one of the best people ever to work with and do life with. Ahh, so so good!

  21. Ashley, the Lord has touched SO many lives through you–mine included! Thank you for the ways you have loved well, served well, and lived well. I’m so grateful for you and so excited to see where the Lord takes you next. You’re leaving a legacy, beautiful friend. Love you!

  22. oh my popcorn lover! what fun and interesting times we’ve shared in the DR and Haiti..oh Haiti!! …amongst some other fun countries! =) haha What a journey this has been! SO proud of you and SO excited for what is to come!! such BIG things in store!! wishing you ALL THE BEST!!! love you my friend! =)

  23. Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for those who have come after you. I pray God gives you glimpses into the magnitude of the ripples of your work through His eyes. What you have sown – we are still reaping years after. I know I am. You are an incredible blessing to those in your life, and a phenomenal ambassador for the Kingdom of God. Ashley, I love you. I love your heart. I am so excited to see where He takes you.

  24. Ashley, where do I begin? I don’t think you truly comprehend how much you mean to me. You pushed me from day 1 (and by day 1, I mean from the moment I got accepted on the race). You saw past the frightened, hurt, shy girl I was hiding behind and saw the woman that God created me to be. I still remember at launch when you told me what God had in store for me. I had a hard time seeing those things or understanding my identity in Christ then but God used you as a voice to speak truth into my life. Thank you for being a strong leader and listening to my fears and tears. Thank you for your words that brought life not just to me, not just to H-Squad but to everyone you’ve encountered. Thank you for making us always laugh. Thank you for loving us.

    I am so excited to hear what this next season looks like for you. God delights in you and He delights in guiding you. Praying for you! Love you!

  25. Ashley,
    I know God has so much more in store for you whereever he sends you. Thank you so much for all you did as my squad leader. I know that God did amazing things to transform my life on the race and he used you to play a part in that. God is so amazing and faithful and always has a plan for our next steps.

  26. Ashley you are so awesome! It’s great to see where you’ve been, the magnificent work you’ve done, and the calling on your life. Glad that you are being blessed and being a blessing to others. Good to c-ya!

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