It’s Gettin’ Real Yall!

This fall I kept telling people, “I’m going to Thailand, taking a team of people, and going to start a sustainable business to fund ministries and missions in four months.”

I mean, let’s be honest… that’s vague, wordy, bold, and contains a few things I know very little about. It had to be that way in the beginning because it was the beginning of something new. It’s hard to describe something that doesn’t actually exist and seems a part of a distant future.

Well friends, the future has arrived. Let me explain:

  • Two members of the team went to Chiang Mai to talk to a lawyer about setting up a business license. You know, so we can get started and everything.
  • We’ve been investigating properties so we can rent a space for our brand-spanking new business.
  • We’ve assembled a team to work on a campaign to attract investors.
  • All of us sat in on an Excel class so we know how to keep track of the money we will spend and make with a business.
  • Perhaps we’re looking for a Thai Accountant, and by “perhaps” I mean we are definitely looking.
  • People are praying about what committing to this project could entail.
  • There was a heavy meeting where we all just let it sink in… and we asked, “Are we really ready to do this?”

Like I said, It’s getting real.

This is the moment when theory becomes reality. This is when we stop talking about the unacceptable realities and start to take action. We’re moving beyond asking God to do something about all of this and actively living in faith as we depend on Him to move mountains and grant favor on our endeavors.


Honestly, this was a gut check. I feel the responsibility. I know it’s weighty. Not only are we progressing with our business plans here in Thailand for this Journey, but we’re starting to plan our next Journey. The hope that we might actually launch a business and the hope that we might actually create a new kind of missions experience has come to fruition. This is happening. One more time, I’m in for the long haul. It’s not an experiment anymore.

When I say it’s getting real, I mean that God is getting real in the midst of everything here. He’s been so near to me as I take on bigger responsibilities and grow. I’ve watched as He has shown up in these incredible, awesome and individual ways to be real with each of the people on my team.

Starting a business is risky. Starting and promoting a new methodology in missions is risky. But as the risk and commitment increase, I can’t help but return His intense gaze. There is something so real, so trustworthy, so intimate in His gaze that all of these risks don’t seem like risks at all. I’m just keeping step with Him.

For all of you who are following along, we are moving forward with our plans. Once we have a few key things solidified in Thailand, we’ll be announcing a big project. The goals we have set are big and audacious. Everyone of you are invited to come along on this journey and advocate for change for the Burmese people. We need your prayers and we need your help.

So would you lift up a few prayers today? Pray that some key factors fall into place. Pray for divine favor. Pray for green lights and open doors. Pray for creativity. Pray for strategic partnerships. Feel free to leave and words for the team as you hear from the Father in the comments below.

Thank you for believing that this would one day be real.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Gettin’ Real Yall!

  1. Girl, you are rock solid. You are equipped to do incredible things, mostly because you are filled with incredible love. You are a road paver. You’re willing to take a new path, to navigate the pot holes and boulders, to smooth things out so that others can find the way. You and the whole team are very committed people and you don’t do anything half-heartedly. Wherever you all are, there will be passion, follow through, energy, love, trust, growth and fruit!

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