Expecting Heartbreak

BurmaMapTomorrow I will get a new passport stamp. It’s actually been quite a while since I got a new passport stamp. I keep returning to the same countries which basically means that Jimmy McCarty has been to more countries than me, though I’ve traveled more than him.

My new stamp will come from Myanmar, or Burma. Tomorrow I’m going to Burma to touch the land, smell the air, see the people, and hear the stories of a people who are facing things I cannot imagine.

The last time I remember feeling this kind of anticipation, this kind of expectation, I was going to Haiti 6 days after the devastating earthquake in 2010. I didn’t know what to expect then, and I’m not quite sure what to expect when I cross over the “Friendship Bridge” and enter Burma tomorrow.BurmeseVillage

It’s not so much what I expect to SEE while I’m there, but I’m not sure what I expect I will FEEL when I get there. I quit my well paying job in Atlanta, put all my stuff in storage, and flew across the world because I had heard of a country and people who needed help. People told me that their reality was unacceptable, but I had never actually seen it for myself. Tomorrow I get to encounter that reality first-hand.

We are just crossing the border, going to a small village on the riverbank, and meeting the people. We will play with kids who live in extreme poverty conditions, watch the adults work hard in the sun making bricks, and hopefully earn some trust and build relationships. But I wonder what will happen to my heart tomorrow.

Will it beat a little faster? Will it stop at the sight of their reality? Will it tear a little when I hear their stories? Will it break completely?

As many places as I’ve been, I have to be honest and tell you that I’ve rarely had my heart completely broken. It’s mostly because I was a little afraid. If I do let it break, then I need to take some kind of responsibility or make some kind of commitment. But on this trip I’ve told the Lord that it’s okay. If it needs too… my heart can break. Tomorrow may be the day that happens. Who knows?

I just know that no matter what, I’m responsible. No matter what, a commitment needs to be made to see the lives of the Burmese people change. No matter what. I’ve technically already made the choice about doing something, it’s just that tomorrow my heart may finally connect with all the decisions in my head.

You know what… I hope it does. I hope my heart breaks tomorrow.

Stay tuned for some big announcements this week on our business projects and what we’ll hopefully be doing in this village in Burma. We’re 2 months into this Journey, and God is moving!


3 thoughts on “Expecting Heartbreak

  1. Will be praying for your time there, friend. Looking forward to reconnecting when you make it back to hear all about it. You are incredible! Love you.

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