Working Hard for the Money…

We have a ton of exciting news to share. Without further delay though…. here is the official logo for our restaurant: Famous Ray’s Burgers and Fries….

It’s been about 3 weeks since really got the ball rolling with our burger restaurant. In just 3 weeks we have accomplished so much.  Here’s some of what we’ve been working on:

  • started a capital campaign to raise $25,000.
  • Found a location and rented it out for 2 years.
  • Painted the main dining area and kitchen.
  • Started procuring necessary items like griddles, fryers, and refrigerators.
  • Paid the first half for our Thai Business License.
  • Finalized the menu.
  • Drafted a marketing plan.
  • Designed a logo for the restaurant.
  • Had several taste testings with original unique recipes…. and everything is delicious!
  • Found a bakery to make our fresh hamburger buns.
  • Started the hiring process for a manager and employees.
  • Finalized an employee training manual for front-of-house and back-of-house operations.
  • Bought tables, chairs, and other decorations to get things looking nice inside.
  • Put an order in at the Coke Distributor
  • Worked out ice cream deliveries from Nestle so we can serve milkshakes!
  • Ordered banners, signs, and flyers to share about Famous Ray’s.

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In the midst of accomplishing all of this, we’ve also been creating videos, posting pictures, tweeting, and sharing all about our Burgers for Burma fundraising campaign. Our team is still actively working in our local ministries we’ve committed to as well. This week our 3 teachers at Light School will administer the exit exam for their students they’ve been working hard to teach English to for the past several months. We went with our friends from the children’s home in the refugee camp on an adventure to a cave and waterfall. We’ve been going to Burma to continue building relationships in our villages.

The team is still sitting in on 3 classes a week! Our business class has turned into restaurant meetings and updates. We’re making a transition in our spiritual formation class to talk about intentional personal growth and decisions about our futures. Tomorrow we start our in-depth discussion on the Gospels in our Bible class after finishing a full survey of the Old Testament.

Jimmy and I have been actively recruiting and planning for the future of The Journey. We will bring a team here in the summer for 8 weeks, a special team of teachers for 4 weeks, and we will have a whole new Journey team for 4 months in the fall. The Journey is already talking about plans for 2014 and what new “unacceptable reality” the Lord may be leading us to address! (Shoot me an email if you are interested… or just leave a comment!)

It’s refreshing and exciting to start something that will leave a mark. All of these years I have felt like I’ve been around the world and people, experiences, nations, and issues have left their mark on me. It’s time for me to return the favor and it’s happening here in Mae Sot. We are working hard and it’s been so fun and fulfilling.

Hopefully you – my readers and my supporters and my friends – are just as excited as the team. Words can’t express in full what God is doing here. He’s orchestrating a symphony of tiny miracles to make this all run smoothly. His name and His renown are being exalted.

We would love to have you join us in making these dreams come true. Your investment is necessary to the success of this endeavor. Please prayerfully consider giving financially to our Burgers for Burma campaign. You can give through PayPal by visiting our website or you can mail checks to:

Kingdom Inc. P.O. Box 98438 Atlanta GA 3035 “Memo – The Journey Project”

Here’s our latest video on our project!


2 thoughts on “Working Hard for the Money…

  1. LOVE THE LOGO! This is so exciting! I only wish I was there when you and Jenny Brown sit down to eat your first hamburger at Famous Ray’s! I know it’ll be even better than in the DR!
    Love you!

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