And Then We Finished The Journey…

      We came. We fried. We conquered… and now the Journey is over.IMG_3204

The last 6 weeks have been a crazy whirlwind of activity, but in the end we were successful. We opened a restaurant. There are now 6 young Burmese people who are employed with steady, consistent work that offers an above average paycheck. They are practicing and using their English and getting more training in service, management, and business. You all committed to the project and generously donated to our capital campaign. We raised $25,000 in 5 weeks to get everything up and running.

Not only that, but Famous Ray’s is making money. It’s not much, but we are totally in the black and you can see + signs in the books. Famous Ray’s has regulars. You know… the people who show up faithfully every week to eat their favorite foods. People are giving our food rave reviews. Our fried pickles are a hit!

IMG_3420In 4 months a group of 10 people committed themselves to accomplishing something bigger than themselves. It was hard, but it worked. Jimmy likes to make the comment that more people aren’t doing this because it’s hard. The Journey, the whole experience, it was completely worthwhile no matter how difficult. We are making an impact in Thailand and in Burma. Over the next 7 months we will expand our efforts based on the foundations laid by this first team.

IMG_3161I’m going back. On June 17th, Christin and I will return with a team of teachers, missionaries, and nurses to make more progress in our ministries, businesses, and visions. We hope to advance our efforts in our Burmese village, Lighthouse School, Famous Ray’s, and The Gathering church. We will serve tirelessly for 6 weeks trying to evaluate educational needs, processes, and systems so we can strategically plan our long-term efforts to give more hope and opportunity to these people. There is still so much more that we can do to help. There is still so much hard work to be done. So really, the Journey is just beginning.IMG_3296After the 6 weeks in the summer, Christin and I will return to the USA for a quick visit before we take our second 4-month Journey team back to Mae Sot in September. We’re already thinking beyond restaurants. What if we opened a guesthouse? What if we helped start a drop-in center for street kids? What if we helped open another children’s home? We’ll implement our educational plans from the summer. We will keep building on the relationships we’ve planted and grown throughout the year. The options are endless.  We are still taking applications for The Journey for those of you who want to join us.

Please pray for us as we discern God’s plan for our ministry in Thailand and in the nations. If you are able, I would greatly appreciate your financial contribution to my ministry with The Journey and in Thailand. It’s finally time for a new passport and a year-long multiple entry visa for Thailand will need to go into that passport so I can continue the work we’ve started. The passport and visa alone will cost $400. I could also use some help purchasing health insurance for the rest of the year totaling about $350. My only stateside expense while I’m away is my storage unit that is housing all of my worldly possessions. I can pay “rent” on my storage unit for the rest of the year for $350. This is minimal support raising as I seek to make a long-term difference and live overseas for the year. I only need about $1,100. You can give online by clicking on this link or you can mail a check to the address below.

Please make checks payable to: “Kingdom, Inc.” with “Ashley Musick” in the memo line and mail them to:

Kingdom, Inc. P.O. Box 98438 Atlanta, GA  30359

IMG_3520Ultimately I share all of this because you are an integral part of all the success we’ve had in Thailand so far, and all the success that we hope to see in the future. Without your donations and support for Famous Ray’s, or without your support for The Journey throughout the rest of this year, we leave the unacceptable realities on the border of Thailand and Burma unchanged.

Thank you so much for being a part of the solution, the hope, and the Kingdom. I’m grateful that I get to share all of this with caring people like you.


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