Moving Through Rain

MaeSotBikeIt’s hard to drive a motorbike in the pouring rain. It’s actually quite difficult to motivate yourself to go out in the downpours to teach, eat, or accomplish anything. Teaching in a long one-room bamboo hut with 184 students trying to talk over one another while the rain pounds on the tin roof is nearly impossible.

So why am I here? I believe that God is moving through the rain. He’s pouring out something over this city, this nation, and the border of Thailand and Burma. Where people once scraped by on the tiniest morsels of hope, they are starting to drink in buckets of hope as change comes to this area. I just returned with our new Journey Campaign team who will be working for 4-6 weeks to develop, expand, and create new endeavors to change the realities of the people who live here. Hope is coming down like the rain outside and soon the streets will be flooded with new life.

This will be hard work. This team has such a short time to encounter the realities, embrace what God is saying to do about them, and make plans and decisions to implement solutions. Many of these participants are teachers. They are passionate about quality education that transforms lives at home, and now they have ventured abroad to see what can be done in Mae Sot to help the Burmese people. Before they leave we have challenged them to produce something that will make a long-term impact. Perhaps a teacher training program or seminar with certifications, resources, and the opportunity for observations and co-teaching. They could develop a new way for teachers to asses their students. We’ve found a school with no funding whatsoever and they are teaching 184 students everyday in a one-room hut. Maybe they can become the advocates for this school to get the resources and funding it needs.


Another participant is a critical care nurse at home. She’s serving at a local Christian orphanage who just lost their nurse. While she’s serving, she’s working on developing a curriculum for teaching nutrition, personal health care, and first aid. She could create something that could be taken to villages across the border, distributed to schools, ministries, and organizations in Mae Sot, and change the reality for people in this area.

Our fall Journey team will be here in a few months and will be empowered to come up with new ministries and enterprises to fund progress, change, and hope. One of our summer participants is looking into a project we’ve talked about over and over, an adventure tour company. How could we create something here in Mae Sot that could make money to fund more projects and bring awareness to the issues that exist? Wouldn’t be awesome to have tourists come here and learn about the issue and become a part of the solution?

We’re busy. We’re not limiting ourselves to the normal summer missions trip model. We’re changing the way we look at short-term missions and how that can bring long-term change. These participants are being challenged personally and spiritually. They are changing. They are working hard to make sure that what they have been exposed to in our community is changed and different when they leave.

The Journey is about change. I love being a part of it. God is moving through rain and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


I’m committed to being in Thailand for at least the rest of 2013. As the assistant program director with The Journey I’m busy facilitating the processes on the ground in Mae Sot Thailand and helping develop our program through recruiting, marketing, and administration state-side. I’m a missionary, office worker, entrepreneur, pastor, and humanitarian. I’ve committed my life to these tasks and roles and need your support to see change come in participants, missions, nations, and to unacceptable realities.

Please consider giving financially to help be a part of the change. I am looking for people to give through monthly or one-time gifts to help me reach my ministry support goal of $2,000 for the rest of 2013. These funds will cover insurance, visa and passport fees, some travel, and personal expenses. You can donate online on this page: Support My Ministry or you can mail a check to Kingdom Inc. PO Box 98438 Atlanta, GA 30359. Be sure to include “Ashley Musick” in the memo section. All donations are tax deductible.

I feel so loved and supported by my friends and family. You have all encouraged me in these new radical endeavors and it’s an honor to share The Journey with you. Thank you for all you do.


2 thoughts on “Moving Through Rain

  1. Jesus, Keep raining blessings on these that are bringing hope, life and kingdom to Thailand and Burma! Love you Ashley!!!!!!

  2. Loved this – so proud of you! I know you are doing an incredible job! Wish I could be there with you – miss and love you so much!

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