About Me

Missionary. Hillbilly. Athlete. Comedian. Artist. Leader. Friend. Visionary. Teacher. Prophet. Daughter.IMG_2310

… possibly.

Some of these labels are just glimpses of a part of my life and some represent the hopes for my future. I have a tendency to make things long, especially when I write. So here’s my attempt to tell you a little about me and be brief.

Where I’m from:

I’m from Bluefield, West Virginia. It’s a small town in the mountains, maybe a bit more sophisticated than what you’d think, not quite exciting, but definitely beautiful. I liked growing up here, but if I’m honest, I’m glad I found my way out.

What I do:

I’m a missionary. I worked for Adventures in Missions, a short-term missions organization, for five years and helped pioneer the World Race program. Now I am working on a developing a new missions opportunity and project called The Journey with a good friend of mine, Jimmy McCarty. The Journey is a semester-long program for young adults (ages 18-30) who band together and address the unacceptable realities in our world.

The objective of each Journey is to establish a humanitarian, entrepreneurial entity in a specific location that seeks to: bring jobs to oppressed communities; provide basic humanitarian and educational services; and plant a strong Christian body.

What I’m passionate about:

The Kingdom of God. Discipleship. Ministry. Community. Family. Learning. Reading. Leading. Making a difference. Stories. Finding Freedom. Making Choices. Traveling. Culture. Roller Coasters. Harry Potter. College Football. Living.

Fun Facts:

  • I was on the first World Race that started in January 2006.
  • I’ve been to 31 countries around the world.
  • I’ve rode 70 different roller coasters.
  • My favorite movie is “The Shawshank Redemption.”
  • Most music is enjoyable, it just depends on the mood, weather, and situation as to what is appropriate.
  • I ran a half-marathon in 2011.
  • Jumping off the highest commercial bungee jump in South Africa is AWESOME.
  • I played softball for 9 years.
  • In college I was in a musical and actually sang a solo. (I was cast for comic relief rather than singing talent)
  • My college didn’t have a football team, but I’m a huge fan of the WVU Mountaineers.
  • Completing a legit pull-up is on my bucket list.

The most important thing:

None of these things define me. I’m more than these simple parts, facts, or histories. Every day I gain a better understanding of who I am and the Lord is definitely helping me discover those aspects that are hidden, emerging, or developing. I live my life on purpose.

Life is great. I only hope to share that with others.

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